Thursday, August 03, 2006

On top of spaghetti

This week's roundtable is a tasty delight thanks to the sexy Sereena

She discusses the food pyramid that is for all intents and purposes defunct, and takes it upon herself to start a new pyramid. But she needs your help.

Stop my Metaphor Dummy and tell Sereena what you think should be on the New and Improved Food Pyramid

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You may call me Rose.

Last night's quiz. We didn't win, but that's besides the point. The point is I out Englished the English.

The question was: Which English Football team's name starts with five consecutive consonants? And among the 6 or so English men ( plus a couple football loving foreigners) the only person who got the question right was the American girl sitting in the corner.

I have now been officially dubbed an English lass.

And it looks like I'll be supporting Crystal Palace from now on, so the fun stops there.

I also discovered the joys of shandy just to complete my transformation into a true English lass. What pure joy to be drinking what appears to the naked eye as pints of bitter from 5pm to 11pm straight and to leave the pub speaking with eloquence and perfect articulation (albeit a bit quickly given all the sugar from the lemonade) and then to wake up sans hangover in the morning.

Our local's beer festival is on until Saturday though, so I won't be tainting all these delicious brews with soda pop.