Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Magic Beans and Sunshine

The ankle is recovering nicely and thanks to everyone who wished for a speedy bipedal return. I am now sans crutches and sans bandage. Bruises are fading. My limp comes and goes as does the pain, but I am ever so thankfull to be mobile once more. I cannot wait to be able to run again. And we will even be attempting to play catch again with our super fast nerf football - although not in our hole-ridden back yard, but in the University park down the road.

I finally went to go see Little Miss Sunshine. I had been playing down my true feelings about this movie in order to not over hype it to friends and colleagues and have the movie not live up to my gushing praise. But I myself have had many a movie ruined for me by others this way so I decided, hey - fuck it. This movie is hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. For the first time in my life I watched the credits roll in a darkened movie house with tears streaming down on my face - tears of laughter. I want to shrink the movie down in all its yellow honest goodness and carry it around in my pocket forever and ever.

So, as I recall, I had given a blurb about the New York leg of our trip and failed to mention Boston. Oh darling Boston - do not think it is because I love you less. I was wounded, remember? Wounded playing with the very football purchased in your fair city.

A quick rundown of our time in Beantown: First off the reason why I had not mentioned anything about this trip to NYC/Boston on my blog prior to departure is because mi madre had no idea we were going. She was wrought with guilt over the fact that she had abandoned her first born daughter in the middle of England never having visited her and yet had been to see her second child in her new Bostonian digs twice or thrice or something - a lot more than none is what I'm getting at here (you reading this Mom?)

The surprise was great as she had no idea and was impressed with the amount of people involved who had to keep our trans-atlantic voyage under wraps. We spent the weekend en famille - eating, walking, shopping etc. I only wish we could have had more time together.

After the parents left we had a fabulous greco-roman party chez Ondine with plenty of sexy togas, olives, dolmas, Ben Hur and impromptu cold readings of greek plays. Oh and copious amounts of red wine.

Stephane and I stayed in a beautiful B&B in Cambridge which had High Tea with a different type of cupcake everyday. There was a cute gray kitty that would occasionaly hang out in our room or join us on the patio while we tucked into breakfast.

There was a baseball game at Fenway park, a tour around the Museum of Natural History in Harvard, lobster, clams and oysters were consummed in the oldest restaurant in America, a certain Freedom trail was followed, and much drinking, eating and shopping.