Monday, April 03, 2006

Poor me

My little sister has been living in Boston for all of about two seconds and yet my mom is already planning to visit her. I've been living in Robin Hood country for almost an entire year and the only conversation we've had about a possibly visit was " we can always meet in Paris instead".

Two messages on my father's phone and three on my mother's and still haven't heard from either.

I'll be facing unemployment again in a month (so -if anyone has any interesting jobs leads let me know. Sassy girl. Will travel.)

But to cheer us all up, here is my pop art corner. I never thought I'd fall in love with these orange chairs, but I have.

And I also had a fab weekend. Friday I went down to London on business. Felt like a proper business woman talking on my cell phone in the back of the pre-paid cab to the tain station jotting down last minute addresses all while wearing my over-sized movie star sunglasses. After the work part of the day was over, I met with a girlfriend I hadn't seen since studying in Paris together, and shared a well-deserved bottle of wine.

Saturday, more girly-ness. From sushi and shopping in the afternoon (two fab dresses and a killer red necklace are now in my possesion) to way too much vodka and wine with Cosmo quizzes and a much needed game of "Never have I Ever".

Ok. So life ain't so bad after all. But come on Mom. Call me already.


Danielle said...

Love the chair! Tres chic. It reminds me of, crate and barrel's new store. And your weekend sounds like such a blast! You must have been pretty trashed though after "Never Have I Ever"... Is there anything you haven't done?

Trish said...

Lauren, I've seen those chairs at West Elm, which I think started as purely a catalog but has grown to include several stores across the U.S. Do they have them across the pond? They feature neo-modern/contemporary furniture at reasonable (but not necessarily cheap) prices. Certainly a step or two above IKEA, but you have to like that style. Perfect for lofts and what not.

How are you?! Are you settling in? And I like your idea of our simultaneous virtual housewarmings. You, me, IMs, drinks. Can you say "perfection"????