Friday, May 05, 2006

New Roundtable

I'll do my best to hide my celeb crazy drive while drunk and give you all a heads up on today's roundtable with SK Waller. But it does appear that we have a mild celebrity in our group. Shhh, but don't make too big of a deal about it, ok?

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hey remember that time you got alcohol poisioning and you were, ummmm ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!
sometimes I wonder if it was possible for anyone to have as wholesome and normal a childhood as we did, but then I pause and I think, wait, in winnetka?!
no, there's no way.

i'm gonna go take some more pills and crank out a marathon, because that normal.

I love you, if all else fails we congregate in weesp circa 2011 and then hit up the NGOs in africa