Monday, September 11, 2006

Martinis to Cheetos and everything inbetween

Our recent trip to the states started with an incredible cheese burger and a martini at our friend, the ever fabulous Miss O’s swanky local pub in Brookline, Massachusetts and ended with a much coveted bag of orange finger inducing Cheetos at Gate B36 at Logan Airport.

What? You went to America and didn’t tell us? Yes. Sorry for the secrecy but this trip was on a need know basis, as my Mama had no idea we were going stateside to see her for a transatlantic Birthday surprise. It worked like a charm.

And since you have all been so patient while I have been away – excluding those of you that send me threatening emails to write more often or pay the consequences – I will treat you to a long overdue Lauren photo-story.

We arrived in Boston for a single night, graciously put up by Miss O . Fell in love with her neighbourhood and apartment, which is impressive considering we were jet lagged and smelly, which is not a good state to fall in love with anything or anyone.

We then took the cheap (in every sense of the word) Fung Wah bus to New York City where we were picked up by the generous and patient Beau of my favourite jersey girl, Danielle . Dinner in Little Italy and a short walk to work off the copious amounts of pasta consumed.

Danielle, her Beau and her scrumptious dog Audrey (who is NOT a fan of Beyoncé’s new single in case you were thinking of getting her the album for her birthday) housed us for our short week in the Big Apple. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Despite having already been in NYC for a day and a half, this is the first photo we took. T. Rex in Toys R Us in Time Square.

A quick snap at Time Square.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave you in suspense. I was hoping to put up all my NYC photos tonight, but either a slow connection or a Blogger bug is causing my photos to take way too long to update. I'll update as soon as

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Danielle said...

It was so much fun... I miss you already!