Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My my has it been that long? You're looking FAB by the way

No, No, I didn't forget about you my little neglected blog. I'm sorry I stayed away so long. But instead of wasting time feeling guilty, lets waste time catching up.

Chrimbo and New Years were lovely. Tons of gorgeous home cooked food in France, beautiful countryside, and some long overdue bonding (especially with my youngest sister). Among some of the dishes I ate:

A succulent Venison

The ever popular Christmas treat in France, Oysters.

Tender and powerful Wild Hare

Spent some time with friends in Paris and then dabbled in my first role behind the scenes of a Television show in the making.

It's pretty hard not to miss a city that can give you a sight like this:

I'll do my best to update more often. I find that when I leave it this long there's so much to say, you end up saying nothing at all.


Danielle said...

lovely photos... wish i was there. except maybe for the bunny eating! hope you are having a great time!! i love to hear everything you have to say, whether it is a sigh or a novel.

Mike said...

Lauren! I can't believe I found you, & you're blogging, too, which is awesome...anyway, check my page, you're on it! email me soon, let's catch up.

Donny B said...

Hooray! You're back! I agree with danielle. Whatever you have to say, we'll listen.