Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spicy Ham wears a crisp blanket

I've just seen an ad for this lovely looking choice piece of meat - that is right, they are bringing back the Spam Fritter. A slab of spam battered and fried. I'd be interested in finding out why this no doubt light, healthy, all-natural, golden treat had to leave us and what genius decided that we were indeed a nation ready to embrace yet again this spam goodness.

Interestingly enough when I did a search for this photo on Spam Fritters, I found that it is also urban rhyming slang for Shitter.

Enough said.

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Danielle said...

i don't think i've ever actually had spam, or have ever heard of a spam fritter, but if it's fried, how bad could it taste?

i do like the spam song though by save ferris...

"spam, it's pink and it's oval. spam, i buy it at the mobil. spam, it's made in chernobyl. spam..."