Sunday, June 29, 2008

Claire Rides 20

I may not be blogging too much these days ( read: not at all) but my little sister who has far more real adventures, tests of physical and mental prowess and revelations of the soul than I do is.

Claire is currently riding across the united states along route 20 from Boston, Mass to Portland, OR. And lucky for you she is taking the time to write about it, and write about it well.

Much better than me writing about getting over jet lag by eating meatballs and blue cheese while watching Columbo on the telly and my axolotl Pompydoo play with Stephane.

Check her out. Give her love. Try not to get too depressed that the walk home from the grocery store nearly left you winded while she is covering some 85 miles uphill a day while removing ticks from her body and depending on the kindness of strangers to maintain her minimal hygiene.

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