Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So you've decided to become a blogger...

Well, if my blog is anything like my journal entries, they will be few and far between... but in this day and age, just ain't cool unless you put your boring life on the internet thinking that people actually would prefer to read about you than go out and live their own fabulous lives.

Here's a bit of background:

Born in Aubagne, France June 4th 1980, a beautiful southern French town near Marseillle that is filled with Pagnol dreams, lavender, thyme and Pastis.

Mainly raised in the north suburbs of Chicago (to see my hometown, please rent Home Alone, Ferris Bueller's Day Off or try to find reruns of the show "Sisters") with my mother and younger sister.

Went to University in Ithaca, NY (snuck away for a year to "study" in Paris)

Moved to Paris permanently after graduation. Met cute French biologist, and eventually followed him to Nottingham, England after living in Paris for three years.

Obviously I'm leaving out a lot, but mysterious is sexy. Shame I'm such an open book. Note to self: work on being more mysterious, even if it means having a porous and empty blog.

Lauren Poulin


Suzanne said...

HEY! I was just in Aubagne! Well, passed thru it on the way to Marseille from La Ciotat. Thought of you, wished dearly to happen to run into your family somehow, somewhere along the way... Maybe I did... P.S. I will read your blog. As of now I've read 100% of your entries...

Lauren said...

Don't you just love that area? I wish I could have been with you to show you around and have you meet my grandpapa. But I checked out the photos on your blog and they were lovely. As my grandmother would say, "Ce qui a vu Paris, et qui n'a pas vu Casis, n'a rien vu"