Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bare with me

I've just started a new job, so please bare with me while I find my rhythm with working and blogging.

I am LOVING the ideas for the poem, please continue!!!

I promise to write more soon, but it is late as I have just come back from the pub quiz (which we WON! for only the second time! I'm elated! Is that sad?)

Here is a photo to bide the time:

This is me at the Goose Fair of Nottingham, an over 700 year old fair that I will be writing more about and will be showing many more pictures. I've got a bit of a "fish head" going on there, but it was because Stephane had just called my name, I turned around, and he took the picture. This is my "Yes? You asked for moi?" face.

I'll do my best to post at least a photo a day while I find time to properly write.


Kate said...

The picture's cute! What job are you doing? Tell more! More piccies please...

Neil said...

Yeah, more info on your new job!

Danielle said...

Hope all goes well with the new job! You're looking fab!

Lauren said...

I've signed a rather intense confidentiality agreement, so i can't say much about the job. It's just temp work until xmas. Data entry stuff. But the people are cool and the company has good benefits (like free tea, coffee and soup and being able to leave by 3 on friday)