Thursday, October 13, 2005

This is what happens when you mix cider and a digital camera

A night out at the pub after a day at the fair (Oh yeah, and there was a football game in there somewhere too...England vs Austria):

Here is Rohan and Stephane wearing Rohan's hat

This is me and the horse I won at Goose fair. I think we eventually settled on Diamond Blue Runner for his name.

Here we have John and Caine

And here is Ed and me.

Nothing terribly interesting, put I promised to post some photos until I found time to write.


Kate said...

Lovely pics comme d'hab Lauren. I'll be having a crottin chaud for you this weekend and I'm imagining you'll soon be devouring that bacon sarnie, with me in mind! (I'm glad you've grasped the meaning of that word now, given your initial 'Guys, what's a sarnie?')
Ooh, I can taste it. White bread or brown? Thickly sliced? A little ketchup? Mmmmmmmmm.......

Neil said...

Why do you always look like you have something naughty on your mind whenever you smile?

Danielle said...

love the pics, as always! i especially like the one of you and the horse. are those your notty pub-mates?

Lauren said...

Neil, you know me too well. and yes, D, those are my "notty" friends

Anonymous said...

What about your boyfriend...... he looks like a dandy-frenchy, what happened to him, are you responsible of that Lauren ?