Sunday, July 09, 2006

Allez les Bleus!!!!!

So I'm back from L.A. It was short but fabulous. Starting with sushi and pedicures and ending with a relaxed and charming celebration of the addition of two kind, intelligent, beautiful women into the clan, as well as the happiest little baby ever.

Flying over the United States

I've missed out on two roundtables in my absence.... and promis to catch up soon. HOWEVER, I am now off to the pub to watch France play in the World Cup final. With every game I fall more and more in love with Zinedine Zidane. He is arguably the best player of his generation and besides being taken away by unbelievable sexiness and physical prowess, I am so honored to see him play in his last ever World Cup match.

Zizou - je t'adore. Allez les Bleus!


Danielle said...

Sexy and talented indeed... but seriously, what was he thinking?

Seal&Vito said...

nous n'avons pas gangné. pourquoi pas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry to see Zidane do something stupid & get kicked out of his last game ever. Too bad France didn't win, I was rooting for 'em!