Saturday, July 15, 2006

Roundtable MIA

So between going to LA to see family, recovering over jetlag, going to London on business, staying too late in the pub and mourning the loss of France I have been a completely terrible Roundtabler.

Which is really a shame because there have been some fabulous posts out there.

Take a gander at the following sites (or hell - go visit all of the Roundtablers on my sidebar, because they are all witty, intuitive, charming, prolific bloggers and deserve to be read as often and as rigorously as possible ( - do ya'll forgive me now?)


discusses whether you are perhaps too old to rock and roll even if you are too young to die


discusses why she can't handle these cutesy, obnoxious, demanding children (yes that's right - she's a pickin' on the youngins), you know, the ones you see in Welche's Grape Juice commercial

SK Waller

talks about the exciting emotional pull of an airport, the coming and going, hussle and bussle, the great people watching... a post after my own heart

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