Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Better than marmalade and logarithims combined

The great country of Scotland has brought us many wonderful things: the invention of the television, marmalade, the discovery of logarithms, and now, possibly their greatest invention ever, Franz Ferdinand.

A friend of mine, L., who is rock goddess supreme with her name on every guest list of all the most fabulous after parties of any decent rock show was gracious enough to give me her extra ticket to this night’s concert of Franz Ferdinand at the Ice Arena of Nottingham. Opening for them were The Rakes, and Editors.

I’ll fast forward to the good part. Franz Ferdinand are so solid, such pure rock. Incredible to think that they only have two albums out and yet their show already sounds like a greatest hits tour – every song is fucking brilliant and single worthy. They were non-stop. At one point three of them were all banging away on the drum set at once. My voice is shot, my body is covered in cold sweat, my feet are aching from constantly jumping up and down – all proof of an amazing show.

We unfortunately only heard the end of the last song by The Rakes, who are adorable, and had the entire crowd bouncing up and down like a spasmic snake. Just from that 30-second tease I heard, I already know I’m going to try to get tickets to their next gig. Editors, who although apparently much more hyped up than The Rakes were a disappointment. The musicians were fabulous, fast furious drum driven, solid guitar but the blandest singer you could imagine. It was like seeing a fabulous film with a terrible lead actor.
Here are the Editors, who stole my best photo of the night.

Oh, but Franz, sweet sweet Franz – may you have a long long success. May my progeny one day find my old and dusty MP3s of your first album lying in the attic, and say, “Mom – You listened to the Double F’s? I had no idea you were this cool when you were young. They rock.” Because this little lassie from Chicago sure as hell wants to hear more from you Glaswegian boys.

And if anyone can tell me how to transfer a movie from my Canon A60 to my iBook, you can delight in a little Franz performace for yourselves..


Danielle said...

Great review Lauren! I thought Franz Ferdinand was a guy's name. I'm so behind. I will definitely go home and download their stuff. Thanks for the heads up... Glad you had an amazing time!

Donny B said...

Yes! They are so good! I listened to their first CD all the time when I got it. I still have to get their second one.

I saw them at the Austin City Limits Festival last year and they were really good.

Jeru Guru said...

Love your blog.

It is superb.


Seth said...

Miss ya love, I wish I was a that show, one of my favorite bands ...
We really need to hang out soon,

Melanie said...

Scotland also gave us Trainspotting with yummy yummy Ewan McGregor. God, I love that guy.

I've been meaning to check out FF...this is a good prompt.