Monday, November 14, 2005


Roast chicken? Check.

Quiche? Check.

Garlic pesto Pizza? Check.

These are all meals I can now make with my eyes blindfolded, (I know not an extensive list - but I've only just started learning how to cook). However until a week ago, I couldn't for the life of me make a decent sauce.

First try at a cream mushroom sauce ended up like this:

Lets just say I was a little over zealous with the flour for my roux.

Next attempt - a sauce au poivre for a nice rump steak, accompanied with roast potatoes and garlic spinach.

I did however buy some gravy from Marks & Spencer as back-up. The sauce caused some watery eyes as this time it was the pepper corn that felt my zeal. Nothing a little extra cream couldn't fix, and the sauce was a mild success.

Saturday my friend Rohan came over for dinner and then clubbing and I was finally able to make a perfect sauce.

Tuna steaks smothered in a tomato and caper sauce with a white wine cream base. Roasted eggplant, courgettes, and red pepper with plenty of garlic, and boiled new potatoes with rosemary.

Damn I'm good.

But if you want to see a real pro, go visit my friend Stacey's blog Just Braise She is my cooking mentor. From pork stuffed with chorizo to pumpkin cheese cake. You'll never need to buy another cook book again.


Anonymous said...

I. Am. Impressed.

And hungry!


Danielle said...

Nicely done Lauren. I'm very impressed! One of these days, I'll become all domesticated and crap, and I'll be asking you for all your new-found cooking secrets, but at the moment, it's not looking like that will be any day too soon!

Donny B said...

the tune steak dish looked really good.

quick tip: you get better sauces with non-nonstick cookware. The best sauces are when you can scrape up the brown bits at the bottom of the pan when you sear your main protein (tuna, pork, what have you) because the brown bits have all the flavor. Then add broth/cream/flour/butter or whatever. You don't get as much of those brown bits with non-stick cookware because, obviously, the meat doesn't stick as much.

Kate said...

You can definitely see the improvement from first photo to last! Looking good! I'm hungry now, ten minutes until lunchtime...

stacey said...

that first photo kinda of scares me. it looks like there might be some meat hidden in there...but there is not. you have much improved. it is crazy to think what a little bit of flour can do. i'm a much bigger fan of the cream route. well done! and donny, so right on the crusty fried fat bits... mmmmm... fried fat bits

Patt said...

nice sauce lady ...maybe a bit thick though aye...4/10