Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sweet Victory

We won the pub quiz. And by "we" I of course mean me, stephane and various others who contributed a hell of a lot more than us. And as always if I am ever writing on a Tuesday night, it means I am drunk. So I shall make this short and sweet before I make an ass out of myself. We WON!!! Oh lord, two alcohol related posts in a row. I'm a good girl, really. I'm sober 5 days out of 7. And for an "ex-bartender" living in a pub culture, binge drinking infused country, I say that's pretty damn good.


Danielle said...

Well done... Yay for Pub-Master Lauren and her crew! Hey, that would be a good band name if you ever decide to go all gangsta.

Donny B said...

Congrats on your win! I still remember that pub quiz we were in when I visited you in Paris in the pub that was so hot it was like a sauna. I was proud that I actually knew that Bush was our 43rd President.