Monday, December 12, 2005

Birthday festivities

An affectionate Birthday boy. Sometimes it's a fine line between Gay and Continental European...

Showered with cards, free beer and, uh, a male clothing catalogue (like I said - it's a fine line)

Bob and I in deep English banter

And me and the Birthday boy - like a fine wine, I'm finding that Frenchmen get better with age.


Donny B said...

awesome pics.

Once, on Will & Grace, a british woman told Will he was a good dresser. She was like, "Are you British?

Will said, "No, I'm gay."

She said, "Oh. Same thing" and he agreed.

Also, Bob looks like he'd have some good stories.


hey, i like your pictures. SISTERS READ!!

i'm excited to pick you up from the airport, not to see you, but just to pick you up

i like to maturbate in the closet while people are waiting for pie to cool

uh, if you don't recall the source of the above quote then i'm fucked

stephane will have nice gifts because we are treating him like he is a member of the family

we should build a nutcracker for him!!

Lauren said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my little sister.

Donny B said...

She's back! Hooray!

I'm really glad that "maturbate" comment is from a movie because...well...yeah.

Danielle said...

Very cute picture of you two! Stephane is going with you to visit the fam in the States? That should be great fun! You'll have to take lots of photos.