Wednesday, December 07, 2005

From Black Elvis to Baseball

I know, I've been terrible about writing lately, but in my defence I have the flu and I got fired. So there.
Ok, not really fired, but the extended contract that I was promised by my boss was taken away from me by a bigger boss. While up until Monday I have been turning down job opportunities, shortening vacations and spending as if I actually have a salary waiting for me in the new year.

But I shall not dwell - on to bigger and better things.

After the rather upsetting job news, I decided to meet up with the boyfriend in our pub despite my cough and cold. I knew going home to an empty unkempt studio would have been too much. So I had a few ciders and a few marlborough lights, and after Stephane let me sufficiently vent we decided to steer the conversation to happier things.

New Years Eve. We are invited to one of Stephane's friends house in Millau (where the darling Stephane is from). The theme is "Fan de.." (Fan of...). So we have to dress as something we are fans of. I quite like the idea of going as fans of Baseball. I would get to wear a flirty baseball uniform, complete with short skirt, and barely buttoned baseball jersey and I'd get to dress my Frenchman up in a baseball hat, which warms my heart just at the very though of his little framed bearded face. The only problem with this is that Stephane is not a fan of baseball. He's never been given the chance to be a fan, having never seen a game.

Some other ideas were tossed around, but none stuck.

Until I came up with a brilliant idea: We can get married and be... wait for it, wait for it...Fans of our Love.

He said only if we could get married in Las Vegas by a black Elvis.

So no wedding day yet. But if anyone has any cute ideas for our New Years Eve outfits, I'm all ears.

Here is a list of what Stephane and I are "fans of" collectively:

1. Elvis
2. Pasta
3. Paris
4. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
5. Lost
6. Blondie
7. Red wine
8. Drinking at our local
9. Johnny Cash
10. Pub quizzes


Kate said...

"We can get married and be...Fans of our Love." I laughed so hard I had a choking fit and got tea in my keyboard. That's the cutest thing - I can totally imagine you saying it with this excited, innocent grin on your face and a look of secret hope in your eyes. Too cute.
And, FWIW, I think you should dress up as pastas.

Danielle said...

I'm flu-ish too. Yuck. That sucks about the job and the flu, but the party sounds like a blast! The baseball idea sounds so cute for you, or I would be curious to see how you could pull off Pub Quizzes. Maybe you could wear tee shirts with question marks and beer labels... Or not. Take lots of pictures!

Donny B said...

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? I love that show! You should go as two of the monsters...but that would be really, really hard.

Anonymous said...

SO SO sorry about the job thing-- are we twins? (had very similar events at SAME time and next year is all new . . )

Hope the sickness is gone gone gone---

I know you two will come up with a WAY better costume than I could possibly think of. ~bluepoppy

stacey said...

ha, you guys should just dress up as fans.

and fans of your love, you need marriage to do that? isn't that when love turns downhill (ouch, obviously a comment of a child from a broken home!)

And i agree w/ kate. i was to vote for pasta too. you can each be your own fav pasta and then bring a dish with the two combined and your then they are swimming in love together.

Melanie said...

Be Paris!!!

You can dress up as Ste. Jeanne d'Arc (or Ste. Genevieve, but she's wouldn't make as great of a costume) and Stephane can go as St. Denis (with a fake head he can carry around).


Hey, you guys should be johnny cash and june carter, we could get stephane an air guitare and probably find some cute stuff for both of you at viva vintage, i don't know how much you like martinis but i have a martini dress costume, or you could be thing 1 and thing 2 or oopma loompas, it would be pretty funny for both of you to go as elvis.
one of the best costumes i saw in georgetown was just a guy in white sweatpants and sweatshirt with a horn and a tail and 'unicorn' written across his chest'

does stephane like harry potter?

i'll brainstorm more and further procrastinate on the paper i don't want to do

Anonymous said...

Stephane - That was a dangerous 'throwaway' about the black Elvis in Las Vegas, it's certain now that there'll be one.