Thursday, February 09, 2006

Soap boxes abound - yet another roundtable.

My dear friend Donny brings up some interesting questions in this weeks Roundtable rant - among them the responsibility of a blogger/writer, the cowardliness behind anonymity and the idea of telling it like it is with no fear of a slap in the face.

Go over and let us know what you would say and to whom if you had the cojones to do so.

In Lauren news, my apologies for not having updated sooner. I'm not going to give excuses - but hope you all agree with the cliche that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The house is so close to being ours I can almost feel the strain in my muscles from lifting heavy boxes upstairs, can almost feel the plaster beneath my nails and the paint in my hair. We're not opening the bottle of champagne yet though. I've been bit once, and until I have those keys in my hand there will be no celebrating.

But we are anxious to move. As I lay in bed at 9PM, nursing a full fledged cold, and listening to the Boy watching the Godfather part III on low volume a mere 7 feet away, it was dreams of a two story house, with stairs and many walls separating me and him that eventually lulled me to sleep.

Work has gone from part-time to full-time and then some. I'm beginning to enjoy this 3 month contract deal. Work a few months, get a bottle of champagne upon leaving, go on vacation for two weeks, get re-hired for another short-term contract and repeat.

This photo is neither here nor there, but I figure since you have all endured so much by having to wait an entire week for a new post from yours truly, I should give you a little treat.

The boy, me and our friend JC at our usual haunt, The Fifth Bar in Paris. And yes, I am wearing that green sweater again. Get used to seeing many more pictures of me in this sweater, because it is physically impossible for me to look unphotogenic in it.


Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle.

Neil said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.