Thursday, February 02, 2006

This Thursday's Roundtable

For today's roundtable discussion, go on over to Stephen V. Funk'sblog and deconstruct the fab myth that is Mozart.


RedLady said...

Couldn't find the place to comment on that blog - but that post did make me bitterly angry. Yes there are other worthy composers out there, many, many of them, but I still believe Mozart to have been a remarkable man. The celebration of his birthday is mainly commercial, most people making any profit from it probably couldn't tell a violin from a fish but that's how the world is these days. Everyone tries to make a quick buck from everything. That has nothing to do with Mozart and his music, or his standing alongside other composers. Anyone who declares his music to be 'all very pleasant' clearly doesn't know much of his work and clearly doesn't listen beyond the surface.
I was listening to his 20th Piano Concerto yesterday, which I have also played, and which I know to be anything but 'pleasant' and I was still buzzing from it when I came to work this morning.
I really wish that hadn't been the first thing I read this morning.

Trish said...

Lauren, how goes the househunt? I'm crossing my fingers for you.


Neil said...

Mozart is that guy they made that movie about, right?