Monday, March 27, 2006

C is for Cookie

Tonight, by pure coincidence I made not only my first Curry, but also my first Alliteration meal. At home I had curry powder and courgettes (as zucchini is known over in the UK), I went to the grocery store and bought some chicken, coriander and cumin.

So tonight we had a Chicken courgette coriander cumin curry. To drink we had a bottle of red wine from Cahors and for dessert (and I promise I didn’t plan this) we had…Carrot Cake! (By the way the curry turned out fabulous. Stephane thinks we should open our own curry house. )

After dinner we went outside in the garden for some fresh air (we turned the clocks back in England and spring is finally here) and we found out that we were not alone.

A hedgehog lives in our garden. We named him Hilbert. I love him.


stacey said...

You turned your clocks forward. Spring forward... fall back. I love Mr. Hedgehog! He so fluffy cute! Just make sure your eventual kitty has no run in! Where's your kitty!?!??!!?

Lauren said...

Did I say back? Oh yeah I did. Hilbert seemed very nice and I don't think he'd hurt future kitty. We're waiting till our landlord stops doing work on the backyard (because technically we are allowed no pets...) and then we'll get one

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I was just looking at pictures of hedgehogs online last night by pure coincidence! Did you know baby ones are called "hoglets"???? Aaaa too cute I can't handle it!

Also, you can feed them bananas and other fruits--they don't like veggies--if you want to keep Hilbert in your garden.


Lauren said...

Bananas it is! Hoglets! That's adorable. I hope Hilbert has a Hilberta so there can be little hoglet hilbertos. Ok. This alliteration kick is going too far.

RedLady said...

Haha! Hilbert Hoglet - that's waaaayy toooo cute! I can just picture you and Stéphane bent over in the garden, getting all giggly and cute over it.
Yum to the curry - you know how I love the pictures of food. I'm such a piglet that when I get really hungry at work and I'm waiting for lunch, I just google search pictures of my favourite dishes and stare at them. Or I make shopping lists of all the food I'm going to buy on my way home.
Speaking of all things cute...Did you know that Amy and Séb are getting married next weekend? And Amo's a witness! The 'real' wedding is happening in September, this is just the official paper one.

Ammo said...

Hi Lauren,
Your cute hedgehog reminded me that I got a Garfield postcard in the post from your vet(well LeChats vet, I hope you dont need one), saying that toute vaccination necessite des injections de rappel pour rester efficace and that she should have one by 30 mars.
So there you go.

Eric said...

awwwwwww....Hilbert is ADORABLE!

Atul said...

It's nice that you recognize that there are different types of curry unlike many people. :-) As for the hedgehog, I've never seen one before, (don't think we have them in Michigan), so thanks for the pic and that's a nice name. I have rabbits who live under my toolshed.

Donny B said...

Nicole, I like how actually kind of yelled in your comment because of the cuteness overload:


Alliteration meals...I might have to try that sometime. Maybe I'll have Pasta Primavera with Pumpkin Pie...wait, that's boring and so autumnal (well, the pie anyway). I'll obviously have to give this more thought (maybe I should have done that before I started this comment).

And Hilbert is very cute. aaaaaaa. cute.

Trish said...

Hilbert the Hedgehog. One word: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaAaAaAaaaaaaA.