Monday, March 20, 2006

Playing house

The house is slowly starting to come along. Billy the book case is set up, full of trinkets, photos, DVDs and books. My pop-art corner is blossoming with an olive green glass lamp sitting on a bright orange chair. The dining room still needs a lot of work done, but the rustic kitchen table donated to us by Stephane's boss is perfect. We're actually eating at the kitchen table, listening to the radio instead of wolfing food down on the sofa in front of the t.v. I feel so grown-up! Pictures soon.


Danielle said...

Sounds lovely! Can't wait to see!

RedLady said...

Please, please, photos! Of every room! Sounds so cute...kaflin

teahouse said...

Very nice. So is it true the rumor I heard, which is that Ikea is killing off the Billy bookcase? I heard they're all marked down.