Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In like a lion, out like a lamb

March has started out like a Lion. Well, as Lion-y as the East Midlands can get. When I think back to some gruelling months of March in Chicago, with freezing rain, wind, and snow, this English lion, is more like a lion cub, but a rebellious one at that.

Here we have the first snow in our backyard. I can’t wait to buy a pair of Wellies and start exploring in the woods/trash yard that encompasses the end third of our garden.

My little sister will be our first guest (if you don’t count certain “homeless” scientists). It’s amazing how clutter and squalor that you deem perfectly acceptable for a Couple just having moved into an unfurnished home with only a coffee table and a TV to their name suddenly becomes shameful evidence of the unkempt dinginess that is your life when you know family will soon have to share the squalor with you. At least it’s just my sister and not my mom who is coming to see the new place before it’s ready. Otherwise I’d be having kittens right now.

I’m sure the house would be in a more finished state if I hadn’t got the Nintendo Game Cube. MarioKart Double Dash is sure to be the end of this happy relationship. But hey, we had a good run.

I had a request from Neil to a) Post more often and b) put up a picture of me setting up house in my underwear. Unfortunately for Neil, it is simply too cold and curtain-less in my home for such photo shoots. But since it is his birthday, I will give him this:

Not only is it a rare photo of me smiling, but my right breast is practically leaping out of my dress. Nothing but class.


Neil said...

That was the best birthday gift I got this year.

Ken said...

Holy... the photo has me hypnotized... in a good way...

Donny B said...

hot. it's a good thing i'm not viewing this at work or i'd be in trouble.

Danielle said...

Nice boobs, I mean, boots. I like the boots... the Wellies. That style has been very hot in Manhattan this winter, but they look to me like they would be too hot to wear, literally. I don't want sweaty feet!