Monday, July 25, 2005

Pinch me

Lately I've been having very vivid dreams of a fairly bizarre nature.

Don't worry. We all know how boring it is when a friend makes you sit through a long winded, unsure, backtracking dream, honestly thinking their nocturnal mini-theater is as interesting to you as it is them, so I'll spare you all the details.

Here are the highlights:

Spending a laboriously long time trying remove spinach from my teeth

Watching my boyfriend reluctantly massage a naked (and very demanding) Farrah Fawcett who had barged in our home uninvited with her 8 rowdy male offspring.

Being forced to wear a very short and tasteless white dress with fur trim that was designed by Madonna to my prom.

Ok. So here is my theory (also held by my boyfriend): There is too much light in our apartment. The shades are not dark enough causing a light sleep and vivid dreams that leave lasting mental imprints. In Paris we slept in complete (cannot see hand in front of face) darkness. It was a time when my teeth were clean and my dreams devoid of popular resurfaced 70's and 80's icons.

Or perhaps I am slowly going insane...? Some of course would say dreaming of Farrah naked would be an improvement. I don't know. I just want to get some rest.


Danielle said...

you are not going crazy at all. if wacky dreams meant insanity... we'd all be certifiable! dreams are not meant to make sense at first remembrance. they are just symbols that can be interpreted in many ways... here are just a few that may or may not feel right:

spinach is a good symbol, signifying strength and happiness. but, the fact that it is stuck in your teeth may signify something annoying and petty (on a superficial level) that is getting in the way of your happiness, perhaps causing an argument with someone that continues over a period of time. (or maybe that you just need more iron in your diet!)

the farrah dream may be all about some major transition(s) in your life and an adjustment period at current. you may want to come "home" (physically or emotionally) to a settled and comfortable environment, but there are some uninvited feelings of insecurity and chaos invading that sacred space.

the dress dream... may signify a feeling of uncomfortability in a certain social situation. it may also mean that you are feeling stifled in letting your intuition guide you, which can happen when you let someone else's opinion affect you too much (perhaps someone else's opinion on a certain pink skirt?!?) the fur can also be linked to instinct, and the fact that it is forced on you in the dream, is the someone else's overshadowing yours (in your perception!). It is all about your perception of things, not necessarily the reality of things.

So... what may these dreams be telling you? 1. go with your gut. and 2. wear the pink skirt!!!

Lauren said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, free therapy by the lovely and gracious Danielle! Thanks babe - love the analysis.

meme said...

I dreamt the other morning that my mother came in my room and said, "don't worry honey, I'll take care of everything, you just keep snoozing your alarm."

Damn her! I was late to work.

When I called her that evening she couldn't understand why I was so snippy with her.