Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Revenge is Sweet

Wearing aforementioned fabulous skirt that boyfriend does not aprove of in Nottingham's city centre a (presumably) gay man said as he walked past me "You know your fashion honey". Ha! Take that! I am fashionista galore.

Finally, I give you the skirt. Perhaps I will one day take a picture of me in skirt, but it is late in the afternoon and I haven't even showered yet. Not a pretty sight and certainly not one I'm willing to share.

Lauren Poulin


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
thank you for your post on my blog! Wow a compliment like that is a true compliment indeed!

sister raya

Anonymous said...

I figured it out, Lauren! Now I know how to leave a comment using anonymous! I'm so slow sometimes...

Wow, this is a really dorky comment.

Oh well. Um, cool blog! Where's the pic of the skirt?

Oh, yeah, I guess I should sign my name because it will only list me as anonymous.


Lauren said...

I know, I know many of you (my two loyal readers, Danielle and Donny) would like to see the skirt. I'm working on it. Patience my pretties.

Meme said...

1 compliment from a gay man=100 whistles from construction workers

Lauren said...

Too true Meme,, too true.