Friday, July 29, 2005

This one goes out to my teacher friend

Take the quiz: "Which Full House Character Are u?"

You're the normal one in the family..heh

The quiz is quite see-through, but I thought I would have been someone a bit more interesting than Becky. Ugh, I have such a quiz addiction. And I used to have a crush on "Joey". There. I said it. Are you happy? Thats right. Dave Coulier. Love him. Deal with it. I'm sure you have a shameful crush as well. Oh come on. Cut. It. Out.


Diane said...

I'm Becky, too. How could you not be Becky on that quiz?!

I actually watched an entire episode of FullHouse the other day. It was the one where they are at Disneyworld and Michelle is made princess for the day, and she is being bossy the other girls get annoyed and Michelle runs away. Then in an incredibly happy ending, the entire family gets to ride in the Main Street Parade. Thank god for that!

Blue Moon Mama said...

Your blog is a great read. So funny!!

Lauren said...

Is that also the one were DJ sees visions of Steve as Aladdin?

And thank you so much Blue Moon Mama, can't wait to check out your blog too

Suzanne said...

I love you and I love your blog.

defiant goddess said...

Well, when I was about 8, I did have a crush on R2D2. *Goddess blushes ashamedly.*

Lauren said...

Better than C3PO.