Saturday, July 16, 2005

A typical Friday night out in Nottingham

Once we finally left our friend Colin's birthday celebrations at our local pub around 1:30 , I dragged Stephane with me to try to find the Harry Potter party, (the sixth book was just published). The release-party was at a book store further away, so I decided to call it a night. However, on our five minute walk home from the bookstore, we ended up running into a near fight as a bunch of drunk kids fell out of some aussie bar. The fight was contained, so we continued walking where we then had the pleasure of witnessing a girl in a white mini skirt squat down in the middle of the sidewalk right by the bar (that I'm sure had working bathrooms rending her forthcoming act of indecency unnecessary) and piss on a pile of vomit. Now we did not get there early enough to see if the vomit was in fact her own. If in deed it was she is perhaps to be applauded as a resilient girl who is willing to save the street cleaners the nasty task of washing up her spewed up kebab and white wine spritzers by clearing it off with her own flow of urine. However the other theory is that this girl was so drunk that she didn't even realise that she was in the middle of popping a squat in the middle of a busy street over a pile of some stranger's vomit. And you thought there weren't any good tourist attractions in the East Midlands.

Here is where the Harry Potter party wasn't, but where I bought the book the next day for an over-priced £11.99 instead of the £7.97 I could have paid. Lucky for you, I didn't have the guts or the stomach to take a picture of peeing on vomit girl. But I'm sure I've left you all with a nice visual image.

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meme said...

And her tour de force performance was free, you can't beat that.