Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just a few small nips

Every so often a little bit of americana seeps into my little english world. It often has to do with TV, and most of it I find very welcoming. Like my 11 o' clock double showing of Friends (which lately has been taken over because of Cricket, which is not an English custom I have been able to adopt - however I do love the fact that they stop their cricket matches for lunch and tea. I do NOT love that the same channel that hosts cricket shows Friends and Will and Grace and that a match can last up to five days). Or I also quite enjoy the new series Lost (well, new to me - I don't know how long its been going on in the states for, so please don't ruin anything for me - I'm only on episode 3). I even ended up mildly enjoying a self-effacing Budweiser commercial regarding their sponsorship of the FA (that's soccer).

I DID NOT however enjoy the first episode of Nip/Tuck that I have ever seen in my life all because of that creepy kid who plays 'Matt' and who looks like a grown-up version of one of Michael Jackson's kids. Can someone that regularly watches this show please explain to me if there was some previous plot line involving drastic plastic surgery on this kid, why does he have eyelashes thicker than my eyebrows? Oh, and why does he have eyebrows thicker than my pubic hair? Please tell me there is some reasoning behind all this. Please.

Ok, I just went out looking for a picture of him to ad to the post, and hey! he has his own site. And it is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. At first you think its just a picture of grown up Prince Michael, right? A still photo, right? Yeah, he doesn't stay still. I almost screamed when I saw him blink. I am sorry if there are any John Hensley fans out there, I'm sure he's a lovely guy. He just really freaks the crap out of me. So no, I will not be putting his picture on my site. You can go see it on his site, and try to have a staring contest with him. I bet you'll win.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I thought the exact same thing when I first saw him! Very creepy, very girly, very weird. I don't mean to be so rude, but is a good show and he's pretty good on it, and that picture on his website is the best I've seen him look (minus the creepy blinking thing...why do they bother with that?)...and then they also give him the wost hair ever. By the second season he has a mullet, I kid you not.


Neil said...

And here I am watching BBC America every night. Why do the studios even try to duplicate the same shows? The American versions are always so lame. Have you seen the American "The Office?"

Lauren said...

I actually had a hard time falling asleep last night because I felt so bad for having been that harsh on this random guy. But he's really strange looking. Guess I wouldn't be a good tabloid writer.

I have seen part of the american office and it's crap. I don't understand why they re-do them, its not like americans don't understand english. The british should do an english version of Friends. That'd be hilarious.

Danielle said...

i'd totally watch that... would it be called "mates?"

Lauren said...

Ha! I love it - each country (and by each I mean only the ones I can find on a map) should make their version of Friends. Not only would I watch it, I'd buy the DVD set.

Paul said...