Friday, August 19, 2005

My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble

So I survived my first week in Nottingham without Stephane.

Here is what I did to occupy myself:

Watched a lot of TV and looked at porn on the internet read really important thought provoking novels, made some delicious meals, attacked a cheap bottle of wine with a knife because I couldn't UNSCREW the cap, made it to the gym twice, went to a BBQ full of young men that made me feel old, failed miserably at a pub quiz, saw the movie Crash. rented CDs at the library to try and fill up my ipod (my choice of music falls into 2 categories right now: 1)songs I can work out to 2) songs that if someone went through my iTunes would think I was cooler for owning this music), took way too many compromising photos of myself in the mirror and then chickened out and erased most of them.

Now I know smugly happy 20 somethings gushing about how much they love their boyfriend is nauseating and certainly doesn't make for interesting writing, but when I heard the front door open and his sing song voice call out "salut" my stomach did a double flip and I nearly tripped over myself running to great him. The best part of him going away to these science conferences is him coming back again.

Gushing has stopped. I'm off to Paris sans beau this Monday, so i'm sure I'll come back full of plenty piss and vinegar and will have stopped all this silly love business.


Danielle said...

I love this post... you can gush all you want!

Lauren said...

that's because you also have fabulous boyfriend