Friday, September 30, 2005

A day in the life...

I took a leisurely stroll from our apartment to our 'local' pub, normally this is about a 30 minute walk, but I was equipped with my old Canon AE-1, a free roll of film, a setting autumn sun and so decided to take my time.

Here we have Newcastle Terrace, a small park over looking The Park (the rich gated community we live just on the outskirts of).

The Park

I then met Henry the Cat just behind the police station. He was very friendly and stout and he had a hard time standing still to be photographed as he perfered being petted.

But then someone else became jealous and wanted their picture taken as well. How could I say no?

Regrettably it was time to leave my new feline friends and continue on my journey.

This is Derby road, full of student housing and one of our other favorite bars, Scruffy's.

Here we have Lenton Rd. and the area known as Lenton. Also many student homes.

Some shops on Lenton Rd. There's a dodgy sushi place here that I'm getting desperate enough to try soon. I am having a hard time dealing with sashimi withdrawl. No one likes to see the raw fish shakes in a girl as young and vibrant as myself. It's not pretty.

Here is a squirrel eating a piece of bread larger than his own head. He did not like having his photo taken.

This is in front of Lenton Manor, home of the hungry squirrel.

And I have now reached my destination: Our Local pub, the Johnson Arms

One of our favourite bartenders, showing off his mad skillz

Here are Colin and Stephane waiting for our taxi to take us home.

And here we are, full circle, just in front of the Newcastle Terrace where I had started my photo journey. A little slice of my life in Nottingham.


Kris said...

God I miss the UK. Even cats look cooler over there.

Danielle said...

Love the photos!!! Especially the first one. The second cat is a Birman like my cat (who is now mom's cat). Where are the photos of your place?

Lauren said...

yeah, other kitty did remind me of Yogi. I was making kissy noises and taking pictures of Henry, when I heard a little bell jingling behind me and there's other kitty. I then had a brief flash of hundrends of cats surrounding me and burying me alive... My place needs to be cleaned before I take pictures. And it's just a studio. I'll take photos when we have our little house and garden.
Kris, you're welcome back for a nostlagic vacay whenever you need!

Kate said...

Oh England! Sweet, sweet England! I could cry right now. I actually feel physically sick with homesickness! We miss you Lauren, just sitting at Amo's, waiting for the Eastenders omnibus and pizza and we were saying how cool it would be if you were here too, curled up on the couch in one of your morning grumps, all cute. I love the cats, especially the last one of Henry, slinking along.

Anne said...

Your post today has made me totally miss England. At least we are even now!

Suzanne said...

Nottingham looks adorable. I love how the cat had a cute little pug face. He looked like a cartoon version of himself. I wish my days were as creatively productive as yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh this was fabulous! Only thing I missed was the taste of a beer . . alas. But loved it! Do it again, please . . ~ bluepoppy

Lauren said...

Bluepoppy, I think I just might make this "a day in the life" post a regular occurence. gives me an excuse to take pictures

shakester said...

so simple, so nice....yeahyup so maybe making it a regular thing is a good idea....:)

la.dauphine said...

GORGEOUS - and what a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

How did you find out his name is Henry. He certainly looks like a Henry.

Lauren said...

It was on his name tag, but stephane and I call him Henri.

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