Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How the Frenchies do it in Notts

Had a lovely little weekend with the Beau. Sun was out, skies were clear and my flu is officially gone. Granted we spent every day at our local pub, the Johnson's Arms, but it has a lovely beer garden so it's not like we were holed into some damp corner of an English pub, and anyways, that's what they do here...drink.
Here is a small glimpse of the garden.

We played a few rounds of petanque. Our pub has a small petanque terrain as well as their own set of boules. The pastis was flowing. You'd never guess that we were in Nottingham. I lost the first game.

Here I am pouting.

Stephane gloats.

But I won the next two games - so I was the champion!

Then we went home and I made the most disgusting Bangers and Mash ever. Stephane loved it.

Sunday, stephane had to work, so while he did that, I went to read at the University cafe in front of the lake. We then went back to the Johnson's Arms for some quick pints and fruit picking.

We went back home and I made the most succulent butter garlic roast chicken, a simple salad and an apple tart. Sorry, I don't have any pictures, because we ate it too quickly. The other day I made a quiche. I've been a regular Betty Crocker these past few days. Here's the quiche.

I had decided not to mention the devistation brought on by Katrina in my blog, because there are some feelings where words are not enough, what could I possibly say now? But it is weekends like these that make you appreciate what you have when you think of what others have lost. An embarrassment of riches. My prayers and thoughts are with those touched by Katrina.


Danielle said...

I am so impressed by your cooking these days. If I was there, you'd have to roll me to the pub. It sounds so lovely in Notts. I can't wait to visit! Wish I had a pub with a beer garden for petanque, and a side order of Lauren, in my backyard. That would be the best!

Lauren said...

Without tooting my own horn, I'm impressed with my cooking too! I just made a soup with the left over chicken and I've fallen in love with it. Do come and visit. The beer garden awaits you my dear.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks.

Neil said...

That's the best looking quiche I've ever seen. Stop that pouting ove petanque. Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you frown too much your face will stay that way?

Kris said...

I love the very candid shots!

This was the wrong new blog for me to visit today. I gave up drinking yesterday for the next three weeks.

Thankfully, your blog was not scratch-and-taste. If it had been, I would have been in the beer garden with you!