Monday, September 26, 2005

I got rhythm, I got music

I finally broke down and downloaded coldplay's "Fix You". although terribly over played, I love that song. Everyday at work I'd hear that song in the backround of someone else's office when we were on the phone. I then decided to create another playlist on my ipod for Fall, and started listening to these old CD's I bought of classical music. A rather pathetic 101 best of classical music, for those with no knowledge or taste of their own kind of a thing that I had purchased in Portobello market in London years ago. I fell upon Handel's Hallelujah Chorus a song we sang in choir every year for Christmas in high school. I have to say I felt a great sense of pride in being able to still hold my own on the alto part some 7 years later. I miss singing. All I have left is Karaoke and humming while I cook, which just gets me scolded because "certain people" can't hear the tv while beautiful arias pour out of my chapped lips.


Danielle said...

We used to sing that in chorus every year too. I think I only did karaoke that one time (besides as a kid at birthday parties) in Ithaca when we sang a Blondie song. It was pretty bad as I recall, because we only knew the chorus and it was out of our ranges. I miss singing though too. My guitar string has been broken since before I moved last year. What do you sing when you karaoke?

Lauren said...

yeah, that was pretty bad. We flipped out seeing all these weird words about going to the grocery store.

I lied. I don't do Karaoke here. I get a moist, yearning look in my eyes whenever we pass a bar that has it, but then the company i am with gives me a sharp "no" and we move on.