Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A full head of hair on an empty head

Sorry I haven't been writing as frequently. I just started a temp job, and while it is quite easy, it is also rather soul sucking as most temp jobs tend to be. Frankly I've been having some low morale days as of late. Three months gone by, and no real job. All I want is some creative gig with funky people that celebrates my uniqueness. Try typing that into Monster... you're not going to come up with very much. I've left my friends and my culture in Paris, I feel like a bloated american. But on a positive note, my hair is looking fabulous, although it does need a good haircut. But it is shiny and full (well, full for my thin hair) and finally back to normal since life in gray paree.

For those of you who don't know my hair fiascos, Paris stole my hair.

When I first moved there to study for a year, I started noticing after a few months that my hair was thinning. You could easily see my scalp a good few inches from my forehead to my crown, and I also started developing a bald spot. At 21. People told me it was the water, it was the pollution, it was stress, doctors put me on vitamins and made up some disease to go along with it all. Nothing worked. I went back to the states, and within a month it was back. Healthy dark brown hair, covering my entire head.

Then I go back to Paris. Old friends commented on my fabulous hair, gald to see it back. Glad to not have to stare at my unvoluntarily naked scalp. A few months passed the same hairloss happened again. The bald spot and "hair plug" effect at the front.

By the end of 2 years, it started kind of growing back again, but even after the full three years I lived in Paris, my hair was never completely back to its stateside glory.

Now that I live in the UK, the hair is back, washed and conditioned with Herbal Essences and smelling sweet.

But I know I wasn't alone in the Paris hair theft issue. I'd notice a lot of other women on the metro with bald spots and thinning hair, some of them were even under 80. I'm sure if I lived there long enough my body would eventually acclimate, and in the mean time, I can always rock the head scarves. But still. Paris has the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel tower and bald women. Who knew?

I still have balding nightmares and wake up in a cold sweat every now and then.


Danielle said...

Glad the hair is doing well! I hope this temp job doesn't get you too down, and that you find a way to bring your funky uniqueness to every situation. The office job is only very short-term... Your fabulousness is permanent!

Anonymous said...

I didnt even realize that I was bald until about last year. Its crazy how I never saw myself from the back.

Or saw myself as "bald" for that matter.