Friday, September 16, 2005


Originally uploaded by lauren lechat.
The tea cups at Euro Disney


Danielle said...

Love that photo... so cool! Did you go there? Euro Disney has such a bad rep... why is that?

Lauren said...

I took my little brother. We had a great time. Euro Disney rocks. But nothing compares to the original. But euro disney never made as much money as they hoped - its in Paris, which frankly has much cooler things to do than see Mickey, where as Anaheim doesn't. And Paris gets one wants to go on Splash mountain when its freezing and rainy. Oh, and Americans love making fun of europeans.

Neil said...

The teacups look much cooler than the ones in Disnyland.

Anonymous said...

when i studied abroad in prague one semester i coined the term "euro disney" as something very different: riding the tram, every once in a while i would get stuck sitting under the armpit (or body) of a very pungent individual. so bad, that a comment had to be made. i would say something like, "there is some serious euro disney in this place now". i imagined it was the scent of 100s of un-deoderized toddlers and young adults (and even some adults) running their course of excitement and personal "wetness" (shall we say?) at euro disney, the place. looking at this picture makes me think it true.