Thursday, September 22, 2005

What ya gonna do Katie

Is the coverage of Kate Moss as big in the states as it is in the UK? Its amazing how people are not only appearing "shocked" to find out that a supermodel dating a heroine addict does cocaine, but that it is actually front page news. And not just front page news, but front and 2nd and 3rd, 4th, 5th page news...all in the same newspaper. Wow. There must really not be much going on in the world to have Kate Moss take front and centre stage. Oh wait, there's a war, a german election, evacuation in preparation for yet another hurricaine in the golf states... and we're putting photos of a model doing drugs, as if it's new(s)?

Of course she does drugs. So would I if I had all that money, lived in a world where drugs were passed around like crisps in a pub and was dating a lanky sex on a stick tragic junkie.

That's my rant for the day.


Danielle said...

It is big in the states too, but I don't think it's quite THAT big... I did read that they cancelled her H&M campaign though.

Poor Kate... Or, not so poor, depending on how much she spent on that habit!

Lauren said...

its been on BBC and Sky news the past three days, how insane is that?

Anonymous said...

I just saw it on page D2 this morning in the beloved USA Today. In the bottom corner below a summary of reality TV and a graph indicating gas prices.

Didnt even hear Howard discuss her today, and she's a perfect target for him.

kathryn said...

A minor blip on the radar here in the States - at least where I am.

I'm always sad for people who are taken down by drugs.

Anonymous said...

She also lost her Chanel and Burberry contracts which, along with H&M, totalled like $9 million or something. I wonder if she knew that person was taking a picture of her. How could she not have noticed, even if it was a cell-phone camera? I mean, it's pretty close up. I wonder if she freaked out on them. Anyway, I'm rambling.


Lauren said...

Losing the contracts I understand, Buisiness is Business and Image is Image. I'm sure she gets photographed doing coke plenty of times, but usually the person taking the picture is also knee deep in drugs. The media just wanted a scapegoat. I think she should continue doing drugs and flaunt it. "Cocaine is so the new starbucks low-fat double skim latte" kind of thing.