Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paris - lite

If you don't want to read the long post about my few days in paris, here are the highlights, but to see pictures you'll need to scroll down the previous post:

- Watching a dubbed in french german made for TV movie about becoming a pop star via reality televistion. Pure Eurotrash gold.

- Finally admitting that Paris is no longer home, and be able to give my appartment key back to Ammo

- Fighting back tears while holding my friend's newborn baby

- Kittens falling from the sky

- realizing how fabulous my boyfriend is when compared to the stories of men refusing to buy their girlfriends a simple pint of cider, men who always seemed as sweet as pie cheating on their girlfriend for the last five years of their seven year relationship, men who won't recognize their own child

- drunkinly writing a letter to Kylie about why she should give us money "technically it is not soley your fault that I am broke. But the main point is that I am, and you're not."

- the orgasmic sensation of raw tuna sliding down my throat, first japanese i've had since June

- writing to BBC prime to put back Eastenders in their daytime program. "I am now watching a melodramatic Mariah Carey on VH1. I blame you"

- Coming to grips with the fact that my friend is on the other side of the bar. While it used to be cool to sing with the bartender, we are now just a bunch of loud women forcing our music upon everyone else and losing our voices in a massive sing-a-long in a bar that none of us work in anymore.

Obnoxious inside joke of the month: I'm sorry, can you repeat what you said? I must still have rice in my ears, CHILD.


Danielle said...

love it! especially the kittens falling from the sky, and the tuna... yum! i just had a salad last night with rare ahi tuna on it... mmmmm, my mouth is starting to water now. wish i could make that and sushi at home. i'd eat it practically every night.

Lauren said...

I think we should start an I love Tuna fan club.